Most Popular muslim Baby Names In Hindi 2019

Most Popular Baby Names

Popular Muslim Boys Names – Newness and high popularity level should be the key element in mind while choosing a suitable baby name for your little boy. No parents prefer old fashioned names and prefer to keep a unique yet popular Muslim Boy Name for their child. Choosing a suitable name is not an easy task. This is where popular Muslim Boys Names page comes in action. It is an exclusive database comprising of variety of famous Muslim boy names posted along with their meanings, and origin information. Muslim parents can find variety of popular Muslim boy’s names database online that is listed along with their meanings, origin information in English & Urdu for online viewers. They can access variety of uncommon, popular names for their male child that can influence & suit his personality.

Popular Muslim baby name 2019 along with their meanings, origin, popularity graph, and lucky number associated with it are listed on every name page giving you all the reasons to choose the name instantly. This online Modern Muslim Boys names page is for better options! The choice of Modern baby boy names depends on its suitability in accordance to pronunciation, meaning, and latest trends. Most of the times parents prefer to choose a name that are easily understood and pronounced correctly by all. Parents avoid keeping odd and unfamiliar names and prefer choosing a decent Popular Muslim boy name from here online.

The page is dedicated to Muslim male child names that are unique and popular. The unique Muslim boy names list is posted on this page in alphabetical order. The new Muslim Boy Names list is updated from time to time. You can access popular Muslim boy name meaning along with the origin of the name, gender, and religion. You can browse through and click on any popular Muslim Boys Name on priority basis.

We are more than happy to support your Modern Muslim boys name hunt! This is your ultimate destination for unique, meaningful, and new Muslim boy names. Honorable online users residing in Saudi Arabia, US, UK, and Canada can access our dedicated  Most Popular Baby Names


Top Muslim Names in Pakistan – Name giving ceremonies are held with great enthusiasm in Pakistan. These ceremonies are called “Aqeeqah” in Pakistan. Islamic names have a unique and great status and value in the world and the Islamic names are kept all over the world anxiously.

People contact each other to ask their children’s name meanings to keep it for their own child. We provide you with a variety of classy and trending Muslim names which are easy and comprehensive. If you are in a search of cute and nice Muslim Pakistani names, you are on the right platform. We give you some top Muslim girls name and some top Muslimboy’s name from which you can select your desired Muslim names and keep them for your new born babies. The Pakistani society has some common names like Abdullah, Abdul Rehman, Bilal, Ahmed, Aisha, Saima, Fatima, Saba, and Khadija. These are the names which are very common in the Pakistani society but here we are talking about some trendy and classy top Muslim names in Pakistan.
The top Muslim names in Pakistan are as follows:Most Popular Baby Names

popular Muslim boy names page. Save your precious time and choose a relevant unique Muslim boy name from our page online


Most Popular Names in Malaysia – In Malaysia, several communities, religious and ethnic groups are present. Due to a multicultural environment, names from different backgrounds are popular in the country. It is a reason that personal names in Malaysia vary significantly as per the ethnocultural group. Names from Malaysian Chinese are widely used in the country due to the high presence of this ethnic group. On the other side, in some communities such as Bumiputera, Orang Asli, Malays, share the naming custom that possesses the use of personal name along with the patronym name. Here are some most popular names in Malaysia.

Boy Names in Malaysia
• Ahmad
• Ashraf
• Irfan
• Hilmi
• Mikhail
• Taufik
• Hayden
• Devaraja

Girl Names in Malaysia

• Aisha
• Amina
• Nur
• Putri
• Farah
• Sofia
• Intan
• Suhana


 Saudi Arabia/ Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is located in Western, Eastern and central parts, therefore, the country has various multi groups along with various different languages. Saudi Arabia is a country where Islam was born thereby, the country is deeply connected with Islamic traditions and values.

As far as with naming concept in Saudi Arabia so, it is considered as a treasure and prestigious in the country because in Islam, naming a child is regarded as one of the major responsibility of parents. It is necessary to select a name of new-born along with beautiful meanings. As mentioned above Saudi Arabia is based upon Islamic values that’s why naming a child is a part of religion. So, if you’re in searching of unique names in Saudi Arabia then check the next paragraph.

Here are some Most Popular Names in Saudi Arabia.

 Girls Name
• Abelarda.
• Abia.
• Abida.
• Afra.
• Bibi.
• Bushra.
• Cala.
• Dunia.
• Gamila.
• Hayat.
• Hadeel.
• Huda.
• Indemira.

Muslim Boys Name
• Abbas.
• Abbud.
• Abdul.
• Aden.
• Basam.
• Borak.
• Chakir.
• Dabir.
• Butrus.
• Fadi.
• Faris.
• Harb.
• Ibrahim.


Most Popular Names In Bahrain – Names kept in Bahrain are originated from Arab mainly, these names are unique and have a positive meaning. People in Bahrain name their child keeping religious aspects and want their child’s personality to have a good impact on it.

Name keeping is indeed a very first and risky responsibility on parents. The name of the child is carried throughout the life. Parent keeps their child’s name keeping all the aspects in mind. They also name their child to their ancestors and want them to follow the paths of their forefather’s success.

Here are the few popular names in Bahrain:


• Adbul (servant)
• Akram ( most generous)
• Arif (knowledgeable)
• Khaliq (creative)
• Labib ( sensible intelligent)
• Maimun ( lucky)
• Tahbit (strong,firm)


• Amal (hopeful)
• Dunia (life)
• Malika (queen)
• Nabila (born to Nobility)
• Yashira (wealthy)

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